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If I were twee I would call this entry "Ramblings". It is shite.

Ruth fell asleep before I even left the room, so I’m hopefully in for a good run of teas and TV programmes before she wakes up today. Tea number one is on the go!

I’m trying to be healthier at the moment but yesterday I had half an apple Danish pastry, half a custard Danish pastry, a small gluten-free brownie, then 2 Viennese whirls after dinner as a treat. So I am going to have to try a lot harder to resist temptation today. I follow loads of Australian nutritionists on Instagram as inspiration and I don’t know how they stay on track and choose healthy options all the time with all the crisps and biscuits in the world. All I can say is, I bet their husbands are absolutely gagging for a pizza with a normal base. I’m always fending off Keith’s pleas to have a pizza from The Swan when I’ve made sweet potato fritters. Anyway, I’m trying my best when I’m not caught off-guard, but the idea of a “smoothie bowl” sounds disgusting, and these nutritionists are all having “abundance bowls” which I can’t get into as I know they’ve just chucked a load of leftovers in a bowl and they’re feeling pretty nifty about it.

In my endeavours to lead a healthier lifestyle I’ve realised that you have to choose what you believe carefully when it comes to what is deemed as delicious. I really got caught out with the horror that is chai pudding. People who say they like it must be good liars because nothing you can do to it will take away from the fact that it’s like eating a spoonful of tadpoles. And for probably around a year, Kate and I tried on an almost weekly basis to make a tasty avocado chocolate mousse that doesn’t taste leafy. That is also bullshit. We did hit upon a lovely orange cake though, so all is not lost.

One of the worst pieces of food advice I got was from Lauren Conrad’s website a few years ago actually, she said “every time you want to eat pasta, just replace it with spinach”. Oh good Lord, yes okay Lauren, let’s all eat spinach instead and sit here miserably wishing we were eating pasta. She must have a great time at her house eating spinach and pasta sauce.

Right, I’m going to make cup of tea number two.

You can probably tell I don’t have much to say. It’s Friday and this morning Ruth and I went to Tot Rock at the library. We didn’t go last week so this week Ruth was shy and clung to me a bit. She was happy to let go of my hand when the musical instruments came out though and had a bit of a bang of a drum and timidly shook a maraca. By the time we sang the final song where we all waft a sheet up and down with some toy monkeys on it, Ruth was back to her normal self and was having a great time. She was wearing a coat that my mum got her for Christmas today, one of those bright thick wooly ones with chunky patterns on that make her look like her parents are vegetarians. I got a few comments on it at Tot Rock, but I think people were being polite. I mentioned that it was her vegetarian coat but wished I hadn’t as I wasn’t sure if I had insulted one of the other mums, who looked like she might be vegan as she was wearing a fabric hairband.


After I wrote that last paragraph Ruth woke up from her nap, so it’s now Friday evening. Ruth and I met a friend and her son at the park this afternoon and had a lovely time. Ruth wanted to go on one of the big swings so we went over to them and there were a load of 13/14 year old girls nearby so I thought I’d listen in to their conversations as I have no idea what girls talk about anymore. I can’t remember what I used to talk about (though it was probably about Hanson or my fringe), so I kept an ear out and they were talking about house prices! One of the girls was also saying that she never said she was a millionaire, just that they were pretty rich. Kids today! I know for a fact that Ruth won’t be saying anything like that when she’s that age as she will probably still be in hand-me-down clothes and stuff from Ebay, in the last 6 months I don’t think she’s worn anything that isn’t bobbly. It made me a bit sad though, and I vowed to make sure to teach Ruth that money doesn’t equal worth. She wasn’t bothered though; she didn’t even know she was wearing an ugly coat. Oh how I love her.

I’m in bed now, so I’m going to get to sleep as Ruth is still waking up at 5am at the moment. I have to get my thoughts in order and make sure I have a happy thought to focus on before I settle down. It has recently been the image of Kirsty knitting a sock, but I think I’ll change it tonight. Sometimes I imagine I’m in a spare bedroom at one of the Kardashians’ houses, other times I imagine I’m a cartoon or I’m comfy in bed like I would be if I was drawn by Shirley Hughes. I might revert back to the usual and pretend I’m sleeping in a tent. Sometimes Keith joins in with that one and we huddle together and say, “ooooh it’s so cosy in here!”.

9:53 p.m. - 2017-04-28


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