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The 'Big L' and the adventrues of Pineapple Chunks, the terrible mother

Well once again I apologise for the lack of entries over the weeks and months, but I must say that I am doing you a favour as my life has been as boring as can be.

I did, however, go to the BBC in London (the 'big L') before Christmas though, to interview someone from Panorama for my dissertation. That was good.

I was really scared but I roped Shaun into coming with me and we had a brilliant day on my interview day. Everyone at the BBC was really nice, and I almost got to sit on a bean bag.

Me and Shaun then went to Burger King at Piccadilly Circus where I was staying (he couldn't come to the hostel as I'd look like a whore taking him to my room) and we sat for 2 hours looking out the window and pretending that we had full cups of Coke. I filmed Shaun doing a stunning impression of someone with a full cup of Coke, and he filmed me munching away on an invisible burger.

Then we met up with Kate after her day at The Independent, and we went to Leicester Square where we met up with Rema (who is on my course - doing work experience at Channel 4) and a French girl called Laetitia who is sharing our room at the hostel. We went to the pub where me and Shaun attempted our limited French ("Shaun, il et stupide!") I told the story of when I said "ferme la douche" instead of "ferme la bouche" in Year 11 French (hilarious). And I think Laetitia cottoned on to the fact that my B in GCSE French doesn't mean a whole lot.

I then embarrassed Shaun by writing "Shaun adore Rema" on a scrap of paper, and "elle veut un baiser de Shaun" ('she wants to kiss Shaun'). He didn't know that one and I pretended it meant "Shaun lives under a bridge", but he didn't buy it and I ended up telling him. Along with blurting out the story from first year, of 'Shaun the Prawn'. I couldn't stop laughing at that and I'd only had one strawberry beer.

I even added in how I drew a prawn with a hat and beard and made it the background on my PC.

All in all, I had a very good time. I laughed and laughed for the whole 5 days I was in London and it's been a while since I really let go and did that.

Now I'm at home and Christmas has been and gone. It was really good though, and I got to relax a bit.

I've been playing on the Sims 2 a lot as well, as I got the Christmas expansion pack, which makes me a big geek. Sometimes Kate sits on my bed and watches me and we discuss duvet covers and curtains and why they never make anything match anything else in Simland.

In a nutshell, my couple Pineapple and Chip Chunks, had a baby recently, called Marmalade. Pineapple got her figure back amazingly fast and wasn't even bothered when the baby was born and left it on the kitchen floor while she went to study cooking. The Christmas tree then burned down and Chip just waved his arms and screamed girly screams, expecting me to do something about it, before producing a fire extinguisher from his pocket.

I have to say, my couple weren't ready to become parents. They just sit and study all day and want to look through microscopes and find a job to do with science. What the hell? Damn Knowledge aspiration.

Kate also regrets the decision of our cousin Beth, who unknowingly played with Kate's sacred sim, Apple Pie, and adopted her a toddler. I told her that if she wanted to she could just build a wall around her and leave her to die and that would solve it. Kate however felt too sorry for the cute pile of pixels to hurt her. She soon got fed up though, and made a pen out of fencing and lured the toddler in by placing a toy inside.

Anyway, enough of that sim nonsense. In real life, last night I went out in Nottingham for Mark's birthday with him, Joe, Kate and Christel. It was so much fun, I really enjoyed it and none of us got shot at or mugged once (as Joe says Nottingham is one of the scariest cities in Britain). Me, Mark and Kate did give 3 to a tramp though, but it was only because he was polite and said 'thank you for listening' after pleading for money and said we all had heart. I'd never met such a well-mannered tramp before.

I'm going to have my bath now, so I will leave this here. Mmm, baths. I won't have that luxury when I get back to Huddersfield and just have a rubbish shower. My whole flat is rubbish though, and speaking of rubbish, one girl never takes it out and it's mainly full of her take-away cartons and trays.

Oh I can't wait to get back.

The oven is so dirty from said girl's greasy left-over, warmed up take aways, that if you open the door and close it again, the small wisp of air that comes out makes your hair smell so heavily of burgers that you need to wash it again. Even if you've only just washed it.

My mum even said that when she came in to pick me up to come home for Christmas, the flat smelled like 'rotting food and bodies'.

But anyway, no-one cares about that the way I do (though some name-less people should). My bath awaits.

How did this entry end on such a sour note?

8:20 p.m. - 2006-01-03


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